Evolution of communication

Communication Snobbery

Noise > Spoken word > Image > Written text > Lengthy prose, embedded structures

… then the internet came

Lengthy prose > webpage short text > twitter even shorter > youtube videos > spoken word (recorded)

Communication has cyclic development. So why not cyclic appreciation too – why is there such snobbery, e.g. Twitter = regression of comms to a primitive form, to hold on to ‘Hard Times’ embedded clauses?!


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  1. cmeckenstock February 11, 2013 at 7:54 am #

    Hi Amy, I have this image up on my blog too but I did not comment very much on it then. I thought it was an interesting perception of how people view communication, and you are right – from the yardstick of snobbery of the written word!

    I can’t help but think of my 17 month old toddler who is learning to gesture, sign, name objects at the moment, and the lovely sounds she is making. She is also creating some lovely marks and scribbles on different surfaces and loves the tapping of the keyboard! She will be going through the cycle but at a much faster rate and will be ever so proficient in the coded language of twittering and perhaps the appreciation of sound, image or a combination of these at an earlier age. I am constantly amaze at the way she listens to a piece of music, and she tries to figure out the rhythm, and then try to shake and move accordingly! I do like the way you have looked communication as cyclical.

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