Pens and pencils

A pen is like a pencil in as much as it is like a paintbrush or quill – there are similarities and you can better understand these shared properties if a referent is known, yet there are also differences between them that can not be explained as succinctly (if at all) through the terms of the latter referent. A pen is not a type of pencil or visa versa . A pen is a pen; a pencil is a pencil; they share some but not all properties.

If we take the notion of ‘writing’ and blinker our vision to only view the ‘pen’ as the implement for delivery, we deny ourselves the richness of writing experience through different mediums: pencil, paintbrush, chalk, computer wordprocesser… Are these any less ‘writing implements’? No, they are different but used for different effect and function.

Who are we to say what you can or can’t write with.


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