National curriculum is a video game

You can not be bad at watching a movie, you can not be bad at listening to an album, but you can be bad at playing a video game and the video game will punish you and deny you access to the rest of the video game. No other art form does this.

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Apart from the education system. Which incidentally not only denies you access to other levels if earlier stages were not passed to satisfactory level, but from the first test judges you for the rest of your life, often putting you into categories to deny you from ever achieving higher levels ever again. A bit like only showing 20 gold coins when 50 exist on the level because higher powers have deemed the other 30 too difficult for you to ever find.

Do we in fact need a “Nation of Curriculum” – something akin to MMO virtual worlds like World of Warcraft, where learners are encouraged to explore the world of education at the pace that suits the individual then sit exams (level up) when they feel ready, rather than at an arbitrary time based on the accumulative time spent in the world?

– Could be fun!
Revision of focus from process to user driven need.


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