A 7-year walk of our ancestors (+ twitter)


One man, alone in the wilderness – time to think, without the constraints of our modern-day world, simply walking like our ancestors from Ethiopia to South America… except for the obvious use of twitter and a laptop for blogging!

On one hand, the use of technology could be seen as a distraction; defeating the object of retracing the steps of elders (although it is very unlikely they did it in a one-er!) – whereas, the other would say this is a unique opportunity for others to learn more about our world, a human experience through one man’s eyes, with technology providing an archive of something otherwise only held by a single individual.

As we see in the readings this week (esp. Bell 2001) people learn through stories and this is an excellent one to tell!

… Much like the day I invited a sofa-surfing nomad in for a cup of tea and he told me of his (far less glamorous) 6 year walk against the system… but that’s for another day! :)