Week 6 summary 30 is the magic number

This week I have been focusing on the community groups in a forum called Weight Weenies as you may have noticed!!!! I mentioned it on the discussion board and Jen said I needed to think about ethical issues around using a information from a private groups discussion “because people involved may have an expectation of [...]


Weight Wheelies – Authenticity without F2F communication

Hine 2000 discusses the problem of authenticity in cyberspace ethnography, suggesting that online roles and sicussions may not be authentic and identities may be assumed in this environment. Although this may well be a problem in other forums, this doesn’t appear to be an issue here. There have been posts about what bike do you [...]


Participation in an Ethnography

ALthough Hine suggests (2000) – traditionally ethnographic research develops an understanding through participation he also suggest that one can do more as a lurker online than in real life due to a lack of physical presence. I have become a member but have yet to participate. I have however come across a barrier to too [...]


Weight Weenies – observations and participation

Based on Hine (2000) ethnographical study needs to include participation and observation. I assume observation is fine as all postings are accessible online in a forum that people need to sign up to before being able to access all the comments, but there are no real exclusions. However to allow a more fuller understanding of [...]


Week 5 Summary – One community to another

My blog this week has focused on the idea of community, having been part of some very different communities recently this is very real to me. I have felt very much part of the ededc community and I been part of the edcMooc community – which felt quite soulless at times, to the #edcmooc on [...]


Why Weight Weenies?

I have stumbled upon the Weight Weenies website for this ethnographic study due to a discussion with friends about forums and who actually uses them. I am not an active member of any forum, firstly because I don’t have time, secondly I don’t want to put my name on the internet anymore than necessary (I [...]


Weight Weenies – micro-ethnography

Weight Weenies. This is a community my partner lurks in. The idea of an online group of people excited about bike and component weight is fascinatingly niche and nerdy to me and provided a good opportunity for study, On first glance there is a whole discussion post on using quotes and the specific protocol one [...]


The Ededc communty

After a mini break away from all technology – well actually from a World of technological frustrations, I am ready to start block two on micro -ethnography. I hadn’t thought of us at ededc as a community but we are and time away from you guys has left me feeling an outsider and I am [...]


Absent from Blog!

I have spent the week in a remote village in Kenya with no Internet access, no phone and very little electricity. When I arrived I assumed that in places where there was electricity I would be able to access the Internet using the Dongle I bought in Nairobi as I had read that Africa had [...]


Week 4 summary – Sound track to the Mooc

This weeks blog has focused mainly on the film festival and reactions to the Mooc – my own and others. The films helped revisit the ideas of utopia and dystopian societies, and linked with Bell’s (2001) idea of dronoeconomics, the suffering of the people building the internet and the capitalist control from the government figures [...]