Rat communities – Brain-to-brain interface lets rats share information via internet

Brain-to-brain interface lets rats share information via internet | Science | The Guardian.

This new technology is allowing rats to develop an online relationship at a distance – a community of two – it’s a start! “rats can share, and act on, each other’s sensory information by electrically connecting their brains via tiny grids of electrodes that reach into the motor cortex, the brain region that processes movement.”

The scientists studying the rats acknowledge that communities work together and create a greater knowledge and understanding. “In theory, you could imagine that a combination of brains could provide solutions that individual brains cannot achieve by themselves.”

The brains are talking to one another and the rat knew which lever to press without going through the learning process. It is gaining knowledge but is it actually learning without going through the process and without letting the rats own life experiences impact upon the knowledge. This is similar to the concept of the meme in that an knowledge is passed on and imitated or replicated without having to learn it first?

I think I must stop there as I hate rats and I can’t imagine them having a theory of mind.

But if this happened in humans………………..


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