Is Viral Marketing a Myth?

The instant rate of life and thus the response of advertisers is becoming more and more important with the use of social media in advertising. During the powercut at the Superbowl many advertisers took the opportunity to use twitter to seize the the moment and promote their product in association with the powercut – Tide [...]


“The mind is the effect, not the cause.”

Is it coincidence, serendipity or because this course is so up to date, it seems every bit of media, social or otherwise is feeding in to our knowledge base Daniel Dennett: 'I don't like theory of mind' – interview | Science | It is interesting that the idea of Darwinian evolution of ideas was [...]


Cyborg – Artificial Limbs-Organs

Cyborg – Artificial Limbs-Organs Superpowers: Real-World Powers | Main Page | Obsidian Portal. This is a game about a hero who began as a normal human but has had parts of his body replaced by artificial devices. The player determines what parts are artificial, using the randomly generated Abilities and Powers as a guide. For [...]


Week 9 Summary cyborg / posthuman

This week I have been blogging about technology and meme’s, I have been reading and tweeting about Posthuman and moving onto cyborgs. I am not sure if there is a difference between the two – more of a concept -post humanism / cyborgs appear to be all about the blurring of boundaries between humans and [...]


Something imitated

Dawkins Meme is an idea that is imitated and replicated person to person. The brain to brain propagation mean ideas can be shared Globally in seconds with the introduction of the internet The current “unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation.” as Dennett (1991) referred to them that are doing the rounds on [...]


Ipad versus Paper

Sometimes virtual can’t compete!


Week 8 summary – Ethnographies

The end of one unit and the start of another. This weeks blog has been rather random, with further exploration of communities to the separation of mind and technology. I have been spending most time exploring and commenting on other people’s ethnographies. It was so interesting to find out other students areas of interest and [...]


Does our body end at the skin?

Anne Mcaffrey 1969 “The ship who sang” is an early example of the cyborg – a severely disabled girl is mutated with machine to make a cyborg – Haraway questions should our body end at the skin, is this the boundary or can this boundary be removed or shifted? The race to create 'insect cyborgs' [...]


Asian Eels and beautiful women

Reading Pickering (2005) on posthumanism – phew!!!!! I will try to summarise for myself and for others Pickering suggests that the world of academics is split into two fields – the study of objects and things, the study of human meaning. He suggests we need to think about the symbiotic relationship between the two rather [...]



Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool? | Idea Channel | PBS… #edidgbl — Hamish Macleod (@hamacleod) March 11, 2013 My son Thomas (9) is an avid minecraft fan, he plays it on xbox, computer and ipod touch, he connects with friends and neighbours on it and plays for hours on it. He has encouraged [...]