Week 3 summary – Multi-modal learning

My Blog this week focused on the ideas of Kress 2005 and the notion of order and entry points and how this has changed with the introduction of multi-modal technology. Although I am comfortable with multi-modality, the change to the notion of order made me feel anxious as I was unsure of which Entry point to take and I felt I may miss something. Although I don’t agree with Prensky’s (2001) digital native I wonder if they are more flexible than I am over starting points.

EdcMOOC – The first thing that strikes me is the feeling of enormity and excitment.

K Mackinnon ‏@Mala_Cara 22 Jan
Right up for getting started on this course with 1/4 of a millon other folk… https://www.coursera.org/course/edc #edmooc
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There is a buzz about the whole thing and lots of commentary about arrival and participation, students locating themselves as players within the course.

Sue Watling ‏@suewatling 17 Jan
#edmooc Hi All, I’m Sue Watling from Lincoln, UK, http://staff.lincoln.ac.uk/swatling , am on #oldsmooc and looking forward to MOOCing around here :-)

Yet others express feelings of isolation which is perhaps more to do with locating themselves within the course.

describing modes mediums literacies and transliteracies
medium – email, video
mode – Speech, drawing, writing
literacies – Speech, drawing, writing
transliteracies – social, cultural economic method of sharing

Basically from the beginning of time humans have been using literacies to communicate either through speech, drawing, or writing. They have moved on and evolved their societies with the passing on of information to one another.
Blackmore (2008) “Language is a parasite that we’ve adapted to, not something that was there originally for our genes, on this view. And like most parasites, it can begin dangerous, but then it co-evolves and adapts, and we end up with a symbiotic relationship with this new parasite”
Thomas et al (2007) talks of the modes of communication and describes this evolution :
Through speech – arranging group hunts for larger prey
Through drawings developed bartering system and sales of excess meat
Through the alphabet – development of the roman empire
Through email – immediate global communication

Kress 2005 Talks of mediums are just reproductions of modes of communciation e.g.g writing drawing, sound and states reproduced through e.g. email, video etc.

Both appear to state the original forms of communication are still present and doing the same thing but are being replicated through a different medium

Kress, G (2005) Gains and losses: new forms of texts, knowledge and learning. Computers and Composition. 22(1), 5-22.

Thomas, S et al (2007) Transliteracy: crossing divides. First Monday. 12(12). [web site]


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