Week 6 summary 30 is the magic number

This week I have been focusing on the community groups in a forum called Weight Weenies as you may have noticed!!!! I mentioned it on the discussion board and Jen said I needed to think about ethical issues around using a information from a private groups discussion “because people involved may have an expectation of privacy, that means not having their words or activities studied or published without their knowledge.”

I signed up as a member and had planned to post a question as mentioned in participation post on blog. I began to question what actually is the community and by posting do I actually become part of the community?

This is a further development from last weeks summary about being part of a community, I still do not feel part of this community and just by posting a comment I don’t think this will make me feel included.I began to question the idea that there is a particular amount of times I need to post to become a member or is it about the number of times I interact that make me become part of the community?

The site appears to have an answer – it values the number of posts – In the rules on sales a member has to have made 30 posts before they are allowed to advertise something for sale

How did they come up with this rule?
How did they come up with the number?
Did they check up on people?
What was the majority of the 30 postings about?


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