Week 9 Summary cyborg / posthuman

This week I have been blogging about technology and meme’s, I have been reading and tweeting about Posthuman and moving onto cyborgs. I am not sure if there is a difference between the two – more of a concept -post humanism / cyborgs appear to be all about the blurring of boundaries between humans and materials

Haraways – confusion over boundaries, why do we have to end at the skin
Hayles – post human is the removal of self will
Edwards – entangling of the human subject with the object world
ANgus – connections between humans and materials – situated knowledge, cyborg ontologies, border pedagogy
Muri – human body is vanishing – interfaced with machine, robbed of spirit, consciousness or identity.

The questions that arise are about human essence – whether it actually represents the human , whether it is vital as a representation, if it is removed or preserved in the melange of human and machine, whether it is a separate unit

and about Interactions

I don’t know what else to say really!

Now to work out what transhumanism is? – (?) when the body is no longer useful or has deteriorated through age illness of accident and has prosthetics to preserve it or enhance it but the human essence prevails, in comparison to posthumanism which blends human essence with technology through its interactions.


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