Something imitated

Dawkins Meme is an idea that is imitated and replicated person to person. The brain to brain propagation mean ideas can be shared Globally in seconds with the introduction of the internet

The current “unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation.” as Dennett (1991) referred to them that are doing the rounds on the Internet are:

1. Recut movie trailers

Brokeback to the future

100. Recut Movie Trailers — The 100 Greatest Internet Memes of All Time | Complex.

2. planking

actually lost people jobs

Doctors and nurses suspended for playing Facebook 'Lying Down Game' | Metro News.

3. Blend it
people blending household objects and filming it

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4. Box opening

YouTube Preview Image

5. LOL cats

The list goes on but today I read about the idea of crisis meme – like the joke that go around after a disaster or horrific incident, making light of the situation. There have been many,

I want to work on the idea of the individual wanting to be part of the masses, wanting to be part of a group. Looking at where the individual ends and the group begins. About how the individual is happy do something as part of a group or because other are doing it but wouldn’t normally do it And how / or if technology has exacerbate this.


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