Cyborg – Artificial Limbs-Organs

Cyborg – Artificial Limbs-Organs

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This is a game about a hero who began as a normal human but has had parts of his body replaced by artificial devices.

The player determines what parts are artificial, using the randomly generated Abilities and Powers as a guide. For example, Strength of Rm or better suggests the limbs and skeleton are artificial. Hyper-Running or Hyperspeed could come from a leg-replacement. Vision Powers seem to require at least 1 man-made eye. Although this is a very random game idea and I am not sure how long I could play this game for!!
I did read an article recently about whether when people have limbs or body parts replaced due to injury, illness or accident, should they be given super human abilities? One of the doctors suggested that if they were given these kind of abilities it would change what it is to be human – but is this actually true? (must check reading to define this) It depends on what we value as essentially human attributes and I don’t see the ability to jump higher as non human.

Scientists build the One Million Dollar man – Telegraph.


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