Week 1 Summary

SO far……….

I have been focusing on the idea of Utopian and Dystopian societies through film. Having recently watched Hunger games – a fantastic representation of a Dystopian society. Pitching people against themselves, with an outside agency controlling the situation to make better entertainment.

There are many films which represent dystopia, and it is usually control by society on the individual and the fight the individual has against it. It is a very popular genre of film, and focuses on what is real and what is unreal. The usual outcome is nature overcomes everything.

I began to think about films which represented a Utopian society, this is more difficult……………..
It appears that Utopia for some is dystopia for others, and the representation of a Utopia come from an escape from a Dystopian reality.

How does this relate to digital culture?

Well many of the Dystopian films are based in the future and rely heavily on the addition of “Technology” to represent the future. They show an inevitability of what will happen when people have power and control that is separated from actual real world real self interactions. There is an implication that people want to break free or find the real or replicate the real rather than an enjoyment of the being – suppose it wouldn’t be a very good film if everyone was happy and went about their daily lives incorporating technology to support them in their day to day!


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