Digital – real or unreal

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I loved this advert for the Toyota GT86. I like the digital imagery, the reminiscence of playing Grand Theft Auto and the Truman Show.

I thought it was interesting that it attempted to show a physical response of goose pimples in the digital characters, yet acknowledged of the lack of emotional feeling in the digital world.

It supported the idea of Escapism from a world we are not actually in – a false reality “Once you feel it, there is no going back”

It also links into the idea from the other film as part of the film festival – World Builder – creating real from unreal

The attention to detail in the World the man made for his girlfriend was based around making real the unreal.

The man goes back to the flower, knowing the women would linger over it and adds further detail, other than just appearance. He adds the things that make it real – the scent, the attention to colour and the way it springs back.

This fits with Johnstone (2009) linking the metaphors of the Internet is destruction with the Internet is salvation metaphors. The film showed that technology was able to “perform saving acts” to recreate positive memories for this women in comatose state.

The suggestion is that Utopia is associated with real world, nature, slight chaos, freedom and dystopia is control, machines, order. How far do we go in making the world unreal before we choose to make it real again?

Johnston, R (2009) Salvation or destruction: metaphors of the internet. First Monday, 14(4). [web site


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