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The space in between – is now occupied

I feel my blog has been a learning journey, establishing then questioning my original preconceptions of culture, taking them apart and rebuilding them again. I have experienced multi-model transliteracies through the blog, visual artefact and ethnography, struggled with the varying notion of order to access information. Seen the real become unreal and then made real [...]


Week 5 Summary – One community to another

My blog this week has focused on the idea of community, having been part of some very different communities recently this is very real to me. I have felt very much part of the ededc community and I been part of the edcMooc community – which felt quite soulless at times, to the #edcmooc on [...]


The Internet map

Thank you very much Giraf87 for this link The Internet map. This multi-modal representation of the Internet got me thinking about Entry points and how people get to where they want to be on the Internet.This map shows the different sites visited on the internet. I was very surprised to see that although Google is [...]