Week 10 summary – man machine

The final week of the course – boo hoo! This week my blog has been focusing on the idea of the cyborg and whether the addition of superhuman parts makes them less human. Is this physical addition stripping the human of what Muris (2003) refers to as physical embodiment – the spirit, conciousness and identity? [...]


Something imitated

Dawkins Meme is an idea that is imitated and replicated person to person. The brain to brain propagation mean ideas can be shared Globally in seconds with the introduction of the internet The current “unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation.” as Dennett (1991) referred to them that are doing the rounds on [...]


Week 8 summary – Ethnographies

The end of one unit and the start of another. This weeks blog has been rather random, with further exploration of communities to the separation of mind and technology. I have been spending most time exploring and commenting on other people’s ethnographies. It was so interesting to find out other students areas of interest and [...]



Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool? | Idea Channel | PBS youtube.com/watch?v=RI0BN5… #edidgbl — Hamish Macleod (@hamacleod) March 11, 2013 My son Thomas (9) is an avid minecraft fan, he plays it on xbox, computer and ipod touch, he connects with friends and neighbours on it and plays for hours on it. He has encouraged [...]



Please view my visual ethnography here Introduction I have stumbled upon the Weight Weenies website for this ethnographic study due to a discussion with friends about forums and who actually uses them. I am not an active member of any forum, firstly because I don’t have time and I feel they need a certain level [...]


parkrun community

Just an excuse to advertise parkrun as it is a wonderful friendly community I belong to, that is altruistic ran by volunteers who enjoy running and want to encourage others to do it – Replicating an idea parkrun are weekly, 5km timed runs around the world, that are open to everyone, free, safe and easy [...]


Rat communities – Brain-to-brain interface lets rats share information via internet

Brain-to-brain interface lets rats share information via internet | Science | The Guardian. This new technology is allowing rats to develop an online relationship at a distance – a community of two – it’s a start! “rats can share, and act on, each other’s sensory information by electrically connecting their brains via tiny grids of [...]


Online communities get real

I found this article from 2003 on online communities. Online communities get real via BBC NEWS | Technology | Online communities get real. It is about how people assume online communities will behave and relationships develop within these communities. It was interesting to note how things have changed over time One of the initial comments [...]


Week 6 summary 30 is the magic number

This week I have been focusing on the community groups in a forum called Weight Weenies as you may have noticed!!!! I mentioned it on the discussion board and Jen said I needed to think about ethical issues around using a information from a private groups discussion “because people involved may have an expectation of [...]


Weight Wheelies – Authenticity without F2F communication

Hine 2000 discusses the problem of authenticity in cyberspace ethnography, suggesting that online roles and sicussions may not be authentic and identities may be assumed in this environment. Although this may well be a problem in other forums, this doesn’t appear to be an issue here. There have been posts about what bike do you [...]