Week 10 summary – man machine

The final week of the course – boo hoo! This week my blog has been focusing on the idea of the cyborg and whether the addition of superhuman parts makes them less human. Is this physical addition stripping the human of what Muris (2003) refers to as physical embodiment – the spirit, conciousness and identity? [...]


Cyborg – Artificial Limbs-Organs

Cyborg – Artificial Limbs-Organs Superpowers: Real-World Powers | Main Page | Obsidian Portal. This is a game about a hero who began as a normal human but has had parts of his body replaced by artificial devices. The player determines what parts are artificial, using the randomly generated Abilities and Powers as a guide. For [...]


Week 9 Summary cyborg / posthuman

This week I have been blogging about technology and meme’s, I have been reading and tweeting about Posthuman and moving onto cyborgs. I am not sure if there is a difference between the two – more of a concept -post humanism / cyborgs appear to be all about the blurring of boundaries between humans and [...]


Does our body end at the skin?

Anne Mcaffrey 1969 “The ship who sang” is an early example of the cyborg – a severely disabled girl is mutated with machine to make a cyborg – Haraway questions should our body end at the skin, is this the boundary or can this boundary be removed or shifted? The race to create 'insect cyborgs' [...]