Week 4 summary – Sound track to the Mooc

This weeks blog has focused mainly on the film festival and reactions to the Mooc – my own and others. The films helped revisit the ideas of utopia and dystopian societies, and linked with Bell’s (2001) idea of dronoeconomics, the suffering of the people building the internet and the capitalist control from the government figures [...]



Some thoughts on what I see on twitter about the edcmooc Success on Mooc’s Twitter / Search – #edcmooc. Written and Narrated by Dave Cormier Video by Neal Gillis Wow this is huge https://moocnook.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/there-are-40000-people-in-my-class-my-strategy-to-avoid-becoming-overwhelmed/ Sarah Siegel ‏@SarahSiegel #edcmooc – Cool that as of 31 Jan., ~41% of 41622 enrollees were active (http://bit.ly/12fEs4Z ). Wonder how [...]