Countercultures effect on technology

This weeks readings have looked at the terminology and driving forces for technology in films and books, Bell (2001) suggested that counterculture was the force behind adaption and was influential in driving forward new technology. This is evident in recent films which have shown “futuristic” technology which has then gone on to be made in [...]


Dystopian Society

Just watched the Hunger games – fantastic film yet such a disturbing view of the impact of social hierarchy. Two kids from a poor district competing – life or death against other children for big brother style entertainment. The game controllers deciding the fate of what challenges and opportunities the children happen upon. Running man [...]


Week 1 Summary

SO far………. I have been focusing on the idea of Utopian and Dystopian societies through film. Having recently watched Hunger games – a fantastic representation of a Dystopian society. Pitching people against themselves, with an outside agency controlling the situation to make better entertainment. There are many films which represent dystopia, and it is usually [...]