Week 6 summary 30 is the magic number

This week I have been focusing on the community groups in a forum called Weight Weenies as you may have noticed!!!! I mentioned it on the discussion board and Jen said I needed to think about ethical issues around using a information from a private groups discussion “because people involved may have an expectation of [...]


Weight Weenies – observations and participation

Based on Hine (2000) ethnographical study needs to include participation and observation. I assume observation is fine as all postings are accessible online in a forum that people need to sign up to before being able to access all the comments, but there are no real exclusions. However to allow a more fuller understanding of [...]


Why Weight Weenies?

I have stumbled upon the Weight Weenies website for this ethnographic study due to a discussion with friends about forums and who actually uses them. I am not an active member of any forum, firstly because I don’t have time, secondly I don’t want to put my name on the internet anymore than necessary (I [...]