Week 5 Summary – One community to another

My blog this week has focused on the idea of community, having been part of some very different communities recently this is very real to me. I have felt very much part of the ededc community and I been part of the edcMooc community – which felt quite soulless at times, to the #edcmooc on [...]


The Internet map

Thank you very much Giraf87 for this link The Internet map. This multi-modal representation of the Internet got me thinking about Entry points and how people get to where they want to be on the Internet.This map shows the different sites visited on the internet. I was very surprised to see that although Google is [...]


Notion of order

When I started the MScEL I found I was confronted by various areas and log ins to access the material, with a variety of entry points. After a time I began to know which was the best point of access for the material I needed – I learned the route to the information I needed [...]


Countercultures effect on technology

This weeks readings have looked at the terminology and driving forces for technology in films and books, Bell (2001) suggested that counterculture was the force behind adaption and was influential in driving forward new technology. This is evident in recent films which have shown “futuristic” technology which has then gone on to be made in [...]