Online communities get real

I found this article from 2003 on online communities. Online communities get real via BBC NEWS | Technology | Online communities get real. It is about how people assume online communities will behave and relationships develop within these communities. It was interesting to note how things have changed over time One of the initial comments [...]


Week 6 summary 30 is the magic number

This week I have been focusing on the community groups in a forum called Weight Weenies as you may have noticed!!!! I mentioned it on the discussion board and Jen said I needed to think about ethical issues around using a information from a private groups discussion “because people involved may have an expectation of [...]


Online Worlds in real Worlds

Totally excited – World of Warcraft theme park in China – Dark Disneyland Video games have become so much a part of peoples lives, that they have been made actual world at this theme park. It would be great to see how this works out, to find what gamers think of the theme park? [...]