Ipad versus Paper

Sometimes virtual can’t compete!


Future of digital education

“the current and future state of digital education” Removal of discrete ICT lesson at sons First school – I hate this but I suppose it links to the idea that IT is in everything we do – a medium or transliteracy (Kress 2005 Thomas et al 2007) The method of access to information to create [...]



Culture is represented in many formats, and these formats have changed over time but still remian essentially a imitation or replication of an original idea. Kress & van Leeuwen, (1996) a) that communication is always and inevitably multimodal; and (b) that each of the modes available for representation in a culture provides speciļ¬c potentials and [...]


Digital – real or unreal

I loved this advert for the Toyota GT86. I like the digital imagery, the reminiscence of playing Grand Theft Auto and the Truman Show. I thought it was interesting that it attempted to show a physical response of goose pimples in the digital characters, yet acknowledged of the lack of emotional feeling in the digital [...]


All that was previously solid

“Does digitised information transcend all that was previously solid?” Hand (2008) The recent demise of high street shops is indicative of Hand’s comments on the change from solid to digital. HMV and Jessops are prime examples of the change in the way people interact with technology and how it is slowly but inevitably leading to [...]


Week 1 Summary

SO far………. I have been focusing on the idea of Utopian and Dystopian societies through film. Having recently watched Hunger games – a fantastic representation of a Dystopian society. Pitching people against themselves, with an outside agency controlling the situation to make better entertainment. There are many films which represent dystopia, and it is usually [...]