Is Viral Marketing a Myth?

The instant rate of life and thus the response of advertisers is becoming more and more important with the use of social media in advertising. During the powercut at the Superbowl many advertisers took the opportunity to use twitter to seize the the moment and promote their product in association with the powercut – Tide [...]


Does our body end at the skin?

Anne Mcaffrey 1969 “The ship who sang” is an early example of the cyborg – a severely disabled girl is mutated with machine to make a cyborg – Haraway questions should our body end at the skin, is this the boundary or can this boundary be removed or shifted? The race to create 'insect cyborgs' [...]


Rat communities – Brain-to-brain interface lets rats share information via internet

Brain-to-brain interface lets rats share information via internet | Science | The Guardian. This new technology is allowing rats to develop an online relationship at a distance – a community of two – it’s a start! “rats can share, and act on, each other’s sensory information by electrically connecting their brains via tiny grids of [...]


Online communities get real

I found this article from 2003 on online communities. Online communities get real via BBC NEWS | Technology | Online communities get real. It is about how people assume online communities will behave and relationships develop within these communities. It was interesting to note how things have changed over time One of the initial comments [...]


Week 4 summary – Sound track to the Mooc

This weeks blog has focused mainly on the film festival and reactions to the Mooc – my own and others. The films helped revisit the ideas of utopia and dystopian societies, and linked with Bell’s (2001) idea of dronoeconomics, the suffering of the people building the internet and the capitalist control from the government figures [...]