“So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?”

The film feels it has come as a timely summary of this course for me (sorry tutors!) It combines the three major themes Utopia / dystopia, community and cyborg!! Weird Science was probably my first introduction to the cyborg – just re watching it with my kids – think perhaps a bit too young – [...]


Just who made the Harlem shake viral?

I feel duped but also incredibly naive. The Harlem shake was the fastest growing meme ever – and is now so over!!! It was a very catchy easy to replicate non offensive fun thing to replicate and many many many have been made including one I myself made with my class. The reason it became [...]


Week 10 summary – man machine

The final week of the course – boo hoo! This week my blog has been focusing on the idea of the cyborg and whether the addition of superhuman parts makes them less human. Is this physical addition stripping the human of what Muris (2003) refers to as physical embodiment – the spirit, conciousness and identity? [...]


Ipad versus Paper

Sometimes virtual can’t compete!



Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool? | Idea Channel | PBS youtube.com/watch?v=RI0BN5… #edidgbl — Hamish Macleod (@hamacleod) March 11, 2013 My son Thomas (9) is an avid minecraft fan, he plays it on xbox, computer and ipod touch, he connects with friends and neighbours on it and plays for hours on it. He has encouraged [...]



From a personal point of view I focused on the teaching aspects of two films on the Edcmooc I get this overwhelming feeling whilst watching these video’s of “when would I have time to prepare all that” Made me think of the reading by Bell (2001) who described the Internet as a working zone – [...]



Culture is represented in many formats, and these formats have changed over time but still remian essentially a imitation or replication of an original idea. Kress & van Leeuwen, (1996) a) that communication is always and inevitably multimodal; and (b) that each of the modes available for representation in a culture provides specific potentials and [...]


low-tech “v” hi-tech

Often we think hi-tech is better, it is the future, it is fast and efficient and sleek and has something added to it. Watch for example this video of Snowboarders in the Alps – the addition of neon lighting in the dark makes it amazing – it would have been amazing without it but it [...]


Dystopian Society

Just watched the Hunger games – fantastic film yet such a disturbing view of the impact of social hierarchy. Two kids from a poor district competing – life or death against other children for big brother style entertainment. The game controllers deciding the fate of what challenges and opportunities the children happen upon. Running man [...]


Digital – real or unreal

I loved this advert for the Toyota GT86. I like the digital imagery, the reminiscence of playing Grand Theft Auto and the Truman Show. I thought it was interesting that it attempted to show a physical response of goose pimples in the digital characters, yet acknowledged of the lack of emotional feeling in the digital [...]