Visual artifact


Having watched the video’s depicting the future both utopian and dystopian perspectives. One thing I noted was the soundtracks were all pretty epic!

I wondered what other people thought would be a good sound track to the future?

Anabel Drought ‏@Edin_Ana
What sound track would you have for your vision of the future movie? #digitalartifact #edcmooc #ededc

I will compile a list and try to create a montage of the music or vote for the most awesome song!!!!!

@pete_wh – started the ball rolling

Dystopian Burial’s Distant Lights
YouTube Preview Image

Utopian Eno’s An Ending
YouTube Preview Image

@giraf87 suggested Koyaanisqatsi – “The Grand Illusion”

YouTube Preview Image

and @jar found Janelle Monae’s Wondaland creepy/catchy…

‏@dickvestdijk suggested #soundtrack for #digitalartifact – I ‘d like to make it myself, part music part spoken word, part silence. #edcmooc

So what’s mine? Grimes – Genesis – a bit cyberpunk, a bit future, a bit ethereal
YouTube Preview Image