getting started with the MOOC

This week you should also  begin to famliarise yourself with the exchanges that are happening in the EDC Coursera MOOC. This is the first week of the MOOC, so all participants will be finding their feet at this point. We are conducting a film festival over the course of the MOOC, a little like the one we have just had in this course, so that should help you get to grips with what is happening reasonably quickly.

Please note: we’ve changed the access instructions for the MOOC as self-registration was proving a bit problematic. You will now be added to the MOOC by the course team.

Over the course of the week you should:

1) log in to Coursera using the login that you will receive by email – you will be enrolled as ‘teaching staff’ on the MOOC

2) once you have accessed the MOOC, please let your tutor know you are in OK

3) once you have access, spend some time in the MOOC getting an understanding of how it works and doing some preparation for week 4, during which you will be formally monitoring the MOOC and preparing a textual or multimodal response to the week’s discussions. This response will function to summarise the MOOC week for the MOOC participants, and will also feed into your tumblog.

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