week 3 readings

You should aim to do some reading this week, drawing on the list below. Each of these texts approaches the shift toward the visual and the multimodal in the  representation of knowledge, and the extent to which the emergence of a digital culture is implicated in this. The readings will help you consider and theorise how multimodality and visuality are informing educational practice, and this in turn will help inform how you approach the development of a response to the MOOC next week. It will also help you when it comes to putting together your final assignment.

There is no defined activity associated with these readings, though you should include any work you do around them within your tumblog, and also tweet your thoughts to #ededc if appropriate.


Kress, G (2005) Gains and losses: new forms of texts, knowledge and learning. Computers and Composition. 22(1), 5-22.

Thomas, S et al (2007) Transliteracy: crossing divides. First Monday. 12(12). [web site]


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