week 4: responding to the MOOC

This week you should focus on your work in the MOOC. For this purpose you are enrolled as Teaching Associate. The aim is that by the end of this week you will have created some kind of visual or textual artefact which responds to the discussions and activities that have taken place over the MOOC week.

We will draw these together into a space within Coursera so that they become the formal response and feedback to MOOC activity for this week, much like the Google hangout video (link to come) formed the response to week 1 of the MOOC.

Over the course of this week you should do the following things.

1) Monitor the MOOC discussions and activities; obviously you won’t be able to read every posting, tweet, Facebook post or blog post in a course of over 30,000 participants. So how you choose to focus your gaze will be up to you: you could look at the discussion board postings that are voted up to the top of the fora; you could look at the aggregated EDC MOOC News (link to come) and pull out material of interest; you could choose to pull interesting fragments out of the twitter stream; or you could focus on obscure comments in the discussion or on student blogs that aren’t otherwise getting a lot of attention.

2) Create a response to the activities you have been looking at, and ensure it is placed in a public online environment (some ideas below). Please do this by Friday if you possibly can, and Sunday evening (UK time) at the latest, as this will be the teaching team’s formal response to MOOC activity for this week. You can write a simple textual response in the discussion fora, or you can try to use this opportunity to put into practice some of the thinking on visuality, literacy and visual paradigms for representing knowledge you have been reading about. For example, you could:

  • create a composite digital image in Photoshop and mount it in Flickr for commentary and feeding into your tumblog
  • create a Pinterest board
  • make a Flickr photostream of found images with comments and description
  • make a YouTube video or response video
  • create a slide show on Slideshare
  • create a multimodal poster in Glogster
  • make a ‘big canvas’ presentation in Prezi
  • publish something in Issu
  • and so on….

3) Make a posting in the Coursera discussion forum we will set up for the purpose (link to come) in which you write your response or provide a link to it.

4) Make sure your response is also fed into your Tumblog for assessment purposes.

This is a reasonably challenging task so please contact your tutor if you’ve any concerns, and raise any points for group discussion in the EDC13 group space in the Hub.

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