building your ethnography

How might you represent your work? The key criteria are that your micro-ethnography should be online somewhere, and should be referenced or included in your tumblog. You might choose to:

  • blog it using your blog here or another blogging environment of choice
  • make a slideshow, using whichever combination of image, text, audio or video seems most appropriate to you (see¬†and the Course Guide for ideas for online applications to use)
  • make a timeline, using¬†timetoast or similar (again, see the StoryTools link for some ideas to start with)
  • and so on… more ideas from previous instances of the course are here, here and here.

As with your MOOC response, please post a comment here to let everyone know where your ethnographic representation is – tweet it too!

4 thoughts on “building your ethnography

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  2. Phil Devine

    Hi All,
    The location of my virtual ethnography:
    I’ve been away from home this week! I hope to add sound when I return on Sunday. My ethnography focused on the sport of #fellrunning, a Victorian subculture that has witnessed massive growth through the development of its online (virtual) identity. My investigation will hopefully include the development of brand identity, and how that brand identity relates to development of that online identity. I also wanted to extend the use of sound, relative to my MOOC artifact…

  3. Anabel Drought

    Hi there!
    You can find my ethnography at
    It is based on a Cyclists website called Weight Weenies which has a forum committed to finding out the weight of specific bikes and bike components – not everyone’s cup of tea I imagine! I have used Timetoast to look at the the forum and identify the chronology of it’s growth and focus on the addition of rules upon members of the community by the moderators. Time toast isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as it could be but is great for ease of use and putting information that is not necessarily available chronologically into order. I would have like to gather more data on the number of members and postings at more points through time but couldn’t find this in the time we had but it would have given greater depth to the study.
    I really enjoyed sifting through the information and trying to gather data and then making assumptions about the reasons for postings, however I know it isn’t going to be the most exciting of ethnographies to read!


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