week 7: ethnography making week

Or not! Image from www.cafepress.ca/+sociology+gifts: yes, sociology gifts….

Welcome to week 7! The ideas coming through for the ethnographies look really great so far, so please do continue the talk in the hub  forum to continue to build ideas and get feedback as we enter the ‘building’ period. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can always take a look at the work previous groups have done during this week – from 2009, 2010 and 2011 – there are some terrific examples there too.

A few people have been raising ethics-related issues in the forum: it’s important to take these seriously, so please do check out our ethics guidance page, and if you’ve any doubts or concerns drop your tutor an email, or raise it in the forum. And one more quick reminder – there’s guidance on some of the media you might use to make your ethnography here. However, given the quality of what you produced for the MOOC responses, I suspect many of you won’t have any problem with this aspect! However, don’t hesitate to give your tutor a shout if you need more guidance.

Post a comment to the ‘Building your ethnography’ page to let us know where your ethnography is, once you’ve done it, and please tweet it too, to #ededc. As the ethnographies appear, try to spend some time viewing and commenting on each other’s – toward the end of this week and into the beginning of next if need be. We are really looking forward to seeing what you produce this week!

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