Week 8: publishing & discussing the ethnographies

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 8! This is our last week of block 2, when we’ll be publishing and discussing the micro-ethnographies you’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks.

A few of these have now been published, and we will keep adding to the list this week on the “all the ethnographies in one place” page – you can add a comment there when yours is ready for an audience!

Sian and I are very excited to see the range of projects you’re undertaking – there is so much to discuss, and your approaches to the concept of community are varied and interesting. Try to make some time this week to visit and comment on others’ work, as well as completing your own.

We’ve also noticed a lot of good work happening in the tumblogs – responses to this block’s readings, ethnographic musings, and much more. This is great to see – keep it up! And remember to keep publishing your weekly tumblog summaries.

Looking forward to another fabulous #ededc week.

“On Academic Publishing”, by Dr Emergency – http://literaryemergency.com/2012/03/19/loose-ends/

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