It’s week 9….

Image by Philippe Caza from 50 Watts

Welcome to block 3 – time has gone quickly and this is our final course section.

The micro-ethnographies are looking really good, there has been some extremely impressive work achieved here, in a very short time frame. To do them justice, we suggest spending a few more days commenting on ones you may not have had a chance to see or discuss yet, alongside getting to grips with this week’s activities.

Overall, Block 3 is concerned with the over-arching theme of posthumanism, and we start with some readings aimed at orientation to this complex set of ideas. Hayles and Haraway are the classics, but you might do best to start with Pickering (listed in the secondary reading) for an accessible introduction, if you’re unfamiliar with this area of thought. Either way, you’ll probably want to spend a lot of weeks 9 and 10 just reading and thinking as you work your way through some of these readings. You’ll find some discussion questions to help you – blog your thoughts if that seems appropriate and post a tweet when you have a post to share with the group.

We’ll also pick up on these questions, and others, in the Skype chat next week – remember this is Monday 18 March, 7:30pm (UK time). It’s not compulsory to be there, but it’ll be a good opportunity to further discuss ideas and to clarify any areas of concern. Also a good opportunity to meet up and socialise a bit as the course starts to draw towards its close!

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