Week 10: educational implications of the posthuman

Good day, everyone, and welcome to week 10 – our final week of structured course activities! This week we will focus on the educational implications of the ideas about posthumanism that you’ve been reading, tweeting and tumblogging about over the past week. There have been many great posts and comments that show you are grappling with these very challenging ideas and readings with energy, insight and curiosity – this is exactly what we want to see, so keep up the good work.

Tonight (Monday) at 7:30pm UK time we are meeting in Skype for a text-chat tutorial. Sian has invited your suggestions about topics and questions you’d like to cover. We’ll also make some time to answer questions about the tumblog submission and the final assignment. And, if you’re not able to attend, we’ll post up a transcript afterwards.

Speaking of which – this week would be a good time for you to reach out to your tutor by email with some ideas about your final assignment topic, format and additional assessment criteria. Even if they’re not yet fully developed, we’d welcome hearing from you so we know roughly what you are planning. Remember, your assignment can focus and build on any aspect of the course, so you might start by considering what has grabbed or intrigued you most over the past 10 weeks, and go from there.

Hope to see you this evening – and have a great week!

posthumanism is about skin

“Posthumanism is about Skin”, by reticulatrix/George. http://reticulatrix.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/scribble-artifact/

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