week 4 summary

I wanted to reflect just a bit on creating a digital artefact versus writing…a blog post, for example. Despite years of experience in creating digital ‘things’, starting with some cheeky newsletters circa 1987 and going right up to my IDEL assignment, I still see the non-text-based option as the easiest. I know it’s not. I know it takes much longer and there are a lot more uncertainties and things that could go wrong, and that after all that work I usually feel like I didn’t get across half the things I wanted to say.

But frankly it’s much more fun. This could just be down to the fact that I’ve not been asked to produce anything apart from an essay in any academic context for the past 18 years, so there is a definite sense of novelty. On the other hand, I do produce digital content–video, audio and text at least–on a daily basis at work. I think, then, that it’s the creativity, the implicit expectation that I’m going to do something that engages different kinds of intelligences, that makes the digital artefact more appealing. And perhaps it’s more fundamental than that–we experience the world through all of our senses, so what’s more natural than representing it back using at least two…!

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Can Googling be racist?

This article quickly retracts the alarmism of the title and shows how the studies to which it refers conclude that the internet, in tracking our behaviour, is just reflective of societal racism… Not the happiest of findings. In the context of this module, however, it’s interesting that you can still give articles titles like this, that we don’t always trust the tools that we always use, and that the democracy of the internet can betray unpleasant facts about the society it represents.

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It’s just Obamacare, Charlie

Right-wing extremists like sci-fi too…


A day behind glass

Here is my attempt at a digital artefact, developed around the discussions about ‘A day made of glass’ on the boards and Twitter:

A day behind glass

A couple notes that didn’t fit into the themes of theĀ prezi, but I thought were interesting anyway…

  • blurringĀ of home and work
  • Johannesburg–don’t they speak English? (yes–English would probably be used in a train station/airport)