Bicentennial Man on Yeah its that bad

Another example of the ‘robot deserves to be treated as a human’ motif. Which I suppose is the other side of the coin from ‘They’re Made of Meat’ (if the humans had got a chance, then surely they would argue that ‘humans deserve to be treated like robots…or whatever those guys were’).

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Star Trek: alien romance

Technology can also lead us (theoretically) to meet other biological beings that (like the robots in the previous two examples) ought to be treated as human…although in the 1960s this notion may have been a bit more gendered…

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Small Wonder

Like a Gumdrop of the 1950s (dropped into the 1980s), Vicki is one of the many digital beings that we’re encouraged to accept as equally deserving of human rights and affection as her biological acquaintances.

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