hive mind mini artefacts

Twitter, #edcmooc

‘Thrilled to be part of the hive-mind that is #edcmooc . Am in awe of the brainpower of 32,000 online educators!’ @lizcable 17 Jan 13

‘Social Media: hive mind, privacy apocalypse, mind control, and social revolution some books there I will read #edcmooc’ @hopkinsdavid 4 Feb 13

Urban dictionary

hive mind: pod people? the internet? community?

FaceBorg: collective consciousness…’threaten to assimilate your individuality’


Wiktionary definitions: sci fi, sociology

‘hive mind’ disambiguation page: collective consciousness; swarm intelligence; universal mind; group mind; groupthink

but what about…

1% rule (Internet culture)

Google search

“social media” “hive mind” (first page):

  1. hive mind = increased business (4)
  2. hive mind = collective intelligence (2)
  3. hive mind = social nervous system
  4. hive mind = crowdsourcing
  5. hive mind = democracy
  6. hive mind = ideology

Facebook case study

  1. increased business: Hive Mind Social Media
  2. not collective intelligence?: Dark Social
  3. social nervous system: The Rise of the Social Nervous System
  4. not crowdsourcing?: 3 links to find friends on home page; no way to search posts
  5. democracy: Baby named ‘Facebook’…  or not democracy?: Your Facebook status really made me change my political views…
  6. ideology: Conservapedia! …or back to number 1? (e.g. Ideology Marketing)