Sound of food

Sound, not words or visuals. This is the first of my series of post to minimise text or images and increase use of sound clips and other modes of presentation. This is the sound of my fan oven, with the timer. I am broiling chicken. Can you smell it? No? Now try listening to it [...]

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Where critique unsettled, design shapes, or has the potential always to shape
Gunther Kress

This quote from Kress (2005:20) places the agent, in the context of this course, the teacher, in a challenging but critical position.

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What is ancient?

In keeping with my previous post, and after reading Kress (2005), this has to be highlighted! Facebook is seen as ancient, and Twitter is now more appealing to the younger generation.  Soon perhaps social media will be dominated by lesser words, and perhaps more images?

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The evolution of communication

This is a great visual from an article written on the Neuroanthropology site entitled the Fear of Twitter. This is my response to Amy Woodgate’s post who happened to have this image on her site on 10th February 2013 Hi Amy, I have this image up on my blog too but I did not comment [...]

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Tears in the rain

Before I begin reviewing Week Three materials, I would like to comment on the Blade Runner. In the film,  genetically engineered organic robots called replicants are manufactured.  The replicants have a shorter life span so that they do not become masters but always subservient to the manufacturer. There have been designed to be like human [...]

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Week two summary

This week has been interesting for me personally as I was crossing physical boundaries of the UK and the States, and yet able to remain connected to the EDEC course.  There is a heavy reliant on text based post as a result of being in transition between the continents. My first post reflects the core [...]

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eLearning utopia?

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Ethics in the virtual domains

Mark Poster (2006:141) posits the question if standards used in f2f  each day has limited application in the information age.  Examples provided points to the fact that different rules seem to apply for the virtual world. He highlights the fact that computer-mediated communication removes all traces of the embodied person, his or her voice, appearance, [...]

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  ” …any delay or distance between doing something and thinking about it is lost in the global information culture.” Hand (2008, p19)  The use of Twitter truly reflects a different culture in communications: immediate, instant, defy physical geographical location.  In the exchange above, it is over three different locations: London, Edinburgh and Houston.   It [...]

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Social Media as Virtual Panopticon?

This is a word which I have come across the first time from reading Hand’s article.   Foucalt, the French philosopher sees the power of social conditioning where people will take responsibility or self-regulate their behaviour when they know they are being watched.  He was fascinated by the architecture of Jeremy Bentham, seen above.  Such designs [...]

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Week one summary

It was a week of experimenting with publishing a selection of things related to the topic of digital cultures, and re-acquainting myself with twittering. I am finding interesting digital artifacts and content to surface on my tumblog as a way to orientate myself to the topic. Hence you can see words like dystopia and  utopia [...]

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I am writing this as a follow up to  Annabel’s post on culture. To discuss what culture really means, I am taking a few steps back to reflect on what the word culture had meant to me. I grew up in an extended family environment, and I realised when I went to school, things were [...]

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Fashion Digital Studio

I was at my trusted hairstylist last Saturday and it seems remarkable that his hair saloon does not have a website.  In Mark’s own words, “You are my advertisement. It is all through word of mouth.”  Has this local industry escaped the hype about having a spot in the cyber space? I was curious how [...]

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Hardware to Everyware: narratives of promise and threat

Today is experimentation with Wordle.  I thought it might be a good way to help me look at Hand’s article.  What you see is my third attempt.  The process of working this out has made me see some of the language groupings or metaphors being used to describe how digital technologies have impacted the political, [...]

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Digital Dystopia

Jacqueline Olds associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School reviews  ALONE TOGETHER: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle Read her review on Watch Sherry Turkle on TedxUIUC What do you think of the “Reclaiming Conversations” idea at the end of Turkle’s talk?

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“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias.”
Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism

I went in search of what utopia means, and I found the above.  I think it gives a positive spin to the meaning of utopia.  Over the course of the week, I will try to apply this to digital cultures, and see how well this fits (or not). Below I have also posted the Utopia [...]

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Orientation week

It is hard to get going again after such a fabulous Christmas and New Year break.  With the arrival of Sian’s email , welcoming us and outlining some of the requirements for the orientation week, a wave of excitement, nervousness and panic set in! However, Hand (2008) Hardware to everywhere: narratives of promise and threat, and Bell [...]

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