In the end, they could only remove his installation by high-pressure hosing the whole tunnel from end to end; but they didn’t stop there, they continued onto every other tunnel in the city, cleaning them all!
Clément Bommel

It is here now, and it is here no longer. There is something quite profound in this. Several questions crossed my mind. Would this particular community have a strong sense of mission to change the world, to paint every empty wall in the city, and leave many traces before they are all erased from sight, [...]

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Ethnography – arrival: Understanding street art

I have started researching this whole domain of Street Art: I googled the word street art and street art documentary yesterday. Today I am looking at the development of street art from the perception of vandalism to art and hoping to ‘arrive’ at the idea of a community today.

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Street art – Short graffiti documentary feat Banksy

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Street art view

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Week six summary

My first post was on potentially interesting online communities. Soon, it became clear that those which permissions have to be sought will not fall into the time frame of this piece of work. I found the article on the Lemmings vs Kant which had a critique on Facebook Graph Search.  It explained the issues surrounding [...]

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Community and cyberculture, Bell (2001)

Reference: Bell, David (2001) Community and cyberculture, chapter 5 of An introduction to cybercultures. Abingdon: Routledge. pp92-112

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Virtual objects of ethnography

This week I have been trying to make sense of what a online ethnography means and what an online community entails. From reading Hine (2000), some of the following points stood out a) the difference between a physical immersive experience, the online study will be one of reflexivity where the ethnographer’s own experience of arriving [...]

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Street art community

I think this will be my ethnography focus. I have had no response to my request for permissions to study support groups like IVFers. It would have been interesting to understand this very interesting community created by forums and also bloggers. Hence the next group in mind is the street artists.

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Banksy’s art attack

What happens if this was an online mural? This raises the question of ownership and authorship in a public space.

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"...there’s no online communities, there’s only communities with their local contexts, live events, which in turn can fuel online interactions."
Martin Pasquier

Wonder how true this is?

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Facebook Graph Search: the Lemmings vs. Kant

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Virtual communities that are potentially interesting

I am starting to write to ask permissions from potential sites for my study on virtual communities. If I hear anything back today, I will go ahead with my plan, if not, I will choose another area of study which may be more on the public domain. In the past I have spent considerable amount [...]

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Week five summary

After an intense week of creation of the edcMooc response, followed by close monitoring of Twitter post, it was time to take stock of the course so far. I wanted to get to grips with Rose’s article on Researching visual materials and  other reading materials, so I could have a framework for critique of the [...]

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Stepping out of digital culture…

This is another piece of work, while taking stock of the few weeks into the EDEC course.  I started out unsure what culture was, and then the plethora of images and sounds from edcMooc and edec colleagues on eLearning and Digital Cultures presented each day helped build the picture.  Reading the core materials over the [...]

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A non-digital artefact: a distant memory?

I am taking this weekend to think about what a digital culture means after starting this course. It is starting to dawn on me that I might find it easier to define the eLearning and Digital Culture by looking at things which are not. This picture of a pencil sharpener with the shavings is one [...]

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Review of edcMooc – Sol Le Witt Line Installation

This is the statistics of the digital response of edcMooc week 1 and 2 from Thinglink after a week. Below are some of the feedback received which provide some engagement, though I failed to create an artefact which removes the reader as a passive spectator, as discussed by Rose. If I had been brave enough [...]

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There are different ways of seeing the world, and the critical task is to differentiate between the social effects of those different visions.
Rose, Gillian (2007:6)

Should you like to add to this or comment, please do so using the comment facility provided by Voicethread. Rose, Gillian, (2007) “Researching visual materials: towards a critical visual methodology” from Rose, Gillian, Visual methodologies : an introduction to the interpretation of visual materials pp.1-27, London: Sage

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Post Week 4 – a response to Amy’s Mooc artefact

I have entitled this post week 4 as a play of words on post human, and also post week 4 edcMooc digital artefact response to Amy Woodgate’s brilliant audio summary.  Could a journey be more relaxed as demonstrated by the inclusion of a live performance at St Pancras and the inviting sound of the sea?

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Week four summary

This week’s posts have been in preparation for the response for the edcMooc. Julier highlights the distinction of Visual Culture and Design Culture. It was interesting to read how the visual culture has developed and changed over time, and what it means to interpret an image. I found the following interesting: “Culture is no longer [...]

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Digital Artefact: The process

When given the task of making a summary of the edcMooc, I was in a little panic mode because it all seemed too ominous. I have to present a multimodal digital artefact along with it.  Both of these are skills which have gone a little rusty. So I started by browsing through the discussion forum, [...]

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edcMooc artefact: Intersections

Intersections – the edcMooc community is made up of individuals with different needs and interests.  Here, in edcMOOC, their lives somehow intersect with each other, and create a vibrant community.  How the lines or sticks drop and pile up determine the strength of connectedness, and eventually, if the connections fuse with each other, it becomes [...]

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Digital visual literacy

Four things that stood out from reading Spalter and Dam (2008) on Digital Visual Literacy: a) The different disciplines involved in the creation of Digital Visual Literacy such as Vision Science, Computer and Graphics Visualization and Art and Design. b) Critical viewing is underdeveloped compared to critical reading (p95) c) Intuitive, creative thinking associated with [...]

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Learning from edcMoocers

This week I will be picking out outstanding examples of digital artifacts from the EDMOOC blogs to be collated at the end of the week.   I entitled this series as learning from EDMoocers as there are some really amazing work posted in either the forums or blogs.  While I am wrestling with concepts of modality, [...]

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Week three summary

My first post was a commentary on Tears in the Rain. It raised questions about being human and the parallel one can draw from fiction to reality.  My second post was a visual on the evolution of communication. This cartoon illustration brings out the issue of superiority of text, and neglects the creativity and ingenuity [...]

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Transliteracy: Crossing Divides – a response

“The concept of transliteracy calls for a change of perspective away from the battles over print versus digital, and a move instead towards a unifying ecology not just of media, but of all literacies relevant to reading, writing, interaction and culture, both past and present.” This is refreshing as it tries to encapsulate media literacy [...]

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