Hi, I am a stay-at-home mum, and a part time student with the University of Edinburgh.  This will be an exciting few months juggling a demanding module, with a rumbustious toddler, managing domestic projects and living a full life with my partner.  My self-employment effort is taking a back seat to give me time to digest all that is on offer in the E-Learning and Digital Cultures course.

My interest in digital cultures and digital education, started way back when home computers started to make its way to our universities and home. I have had the opportunity to try many different things along the way, and this next decade I believe will be most challenging as developments in this field is set to change the face of online education in ways that we can only imagine before.

I look forward to writing more and forming a whole new community with course mates on this course. Meanwhile, it is time to bring myself to complete some core reading materials, perhaps, if I am lucky, enjoy a cup of coffee with it too!

How do you share a cup of coffee online?