Week five summary

After an intense week of creation of the edcMooc response, followed by close monitoring of Twitter post, it was time to take stock of the course so far. I wanted to get to grips with Rose’s article on Researching visual materials and  other reading materials, so I could have a framework for critique of the [...]

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Review of edcMooc – Sol Le Witt Line Installation

This is the statistics of the digital response of edcMooc week 1 and 2 from Thinglink after a week. Below are some of the feedback received which provide some engagement, though I failed to create an artefact which removes the reader as a passive spectator, as discussed by Rose. If I had been brave enough [...]

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Post Week 4 – a response to Amy’s Mooc artefact

I have entitled this post week 4 as a play of words on post human, and also post week 4 edcMooc digital artefact response to Amy Woodgate’s brilliant audio summary.  Could a journey be more relaxed as demonstrated by the inclusion of a live performance at St Pancras and the inviting sound of the sea?

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Digital Artefact: The process

When given the task of making a summary of the edcMooc, I was in a little panic mode because it all seemed too ominous. I have to present a multimodal digital artefact along with it.  Both of these are skills which have gone a little rusty. So I started by browsing through the discussion forum, [...]

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edcMooc artefact: Intersections

Intersections – the edcMooc community is made up of individuals with different needs and interests.  Here, in edcMOOC, their lives somehow intersect with each other, and create a vibrant community.  How the lines or sticks drop and pile up determine the strength of connectedness, and eventually, if the connections fuse with each other, it becomes [...]

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Learning from edcMoocers

This week I will be picking out outstanding examples of digital artifacts from the EDMOOC blogs to be collated at the end of the week.   I entitled this series as learning from EDMoocers as there are some really amazing work posted in either the forums or blogs.  While I am wrestling with concepts of modality, [...]

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