Week eight summary

My focus this week was to construct my ethnography. Little did I know that I would be writing up something completely different from Street Arts! It has been a steep learning curve, but I have learnt much from the reading, researching online ethnography and Street Arts, and finally the process of writing up an ethnography, [...]

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My virtual ethnography: an IVF blog

For a better view, try clicking on the full screen icon. Methodology I have gained some insight into online ethnography through Hine’s article and I wanted to see what he means by connective ethnography particularly the notion of “getting there” rather than “being there”,  how to allow the subjects to judge what is authentic, and [...]

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Week seven summary

The posts this last week  reflect my search on the street art community: to understand what street art is about, its culture, identify the players and actors, how public space is translated into digital spaces, and if the internet helped bring street artists together.  And if it does, what they actually do. I have finally [...]

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My ethnography progress so far

The plan: Search the field and connections – street art street art community street artist blogs street artist communities/forums What is the trend? A lot of new forums set up, sites such as stencil revolution is revived in the last six months. Looked at interesting sites, trace to a street artist in Australia, and then [...]

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In the end, they could only remove his installation by high-pressure hosing the whole tunnel from end to end; but they didn’t stop there, they continued onto every other tunnel in the city, cleaning them all!
Clément Bommel

It is here now, and it is here no longer. There is something quite profound in this. Several questions crossed my mind. Would this particular community have a strong sense of mission to change the world, to paint every empty wall in the city, and leave many traces before they are all erased from sight, [...]

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Ethnography – arrival: Understanding street art

I have started researching this whole domain of Street Art: I googled the word street art and street art documentary yesterday. Today I am looking at the development of street art from the perception of vandalism to art and hoping to ‘arrive’ at the idea of a community today.

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Street art – Short graffiti documentary feat Banksy

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Street art view

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Community and cyberculture, Bell (2001)

Reference: Bell, David (2001) Community and cyberculture, chapter 5 of An introduction to cybercultures. Abingdon: Routledge. pp92-112

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Virtual objects of ethnography

This week I have been trying to make sense of what a online ethnography means and what an online community entails. From reading Hine (2000), some of the following points stood out a) the difference between a physical immersive experience, the online study will be one of reflexivity where the ethnographer’s own experience of arriving [...]

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Street art community

I think this will be my ethnography focus. I have had no response to my request for permissions to study support groups like IVFers. It would have been interesting to understand this very interesting community created by forums and also bloggers. Hence the next group in mind is the street artists.

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Banksy’s art attack

What happens if this was an online mural? This raises the question of ownership and authorship in a public space.

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Facebook Graph Search: the Lemmings vs. Kant

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Virtual communities that are potentially interesting

I am starting to write to ask permissions from potential sites for my study on virtual communities. If I hear anything back today, I will go ahead with my plan, if not, I will choose another area of study which may be more on the public domain. In the past I have spent considerable amount [...]

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