Week twelve summary

This week has been devoted to researching articles and ideas for my final assignment. I started by googling for issues of posthuman identity and found the portrait of a posthuman by a visual artist.  The description of her work is useful as a starting point for reference to identity, where the human is seeking a [...]

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My final assignment notes: A critique of cyborg pedagogy

Selecting an assignment topic for me has been like a shot in the dark: although the philosophical arguments on posthumanism have been really difficult to get into, I have determined to look at it in greater detail.  I started my tumblog by claiming that I want these course materials to be digestable and readable by non-experts [...]

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Heidegger on Ontological Education, or: How We Become What We Are

“Real education lays hold of the soul itself and transforms it in its entirety by first of all leading us to the place of our essential being [Wesensort] accustoming us to it” (p253) “Genuine education leads us back to ourselves, to the place we are, teaches us to dwell there and transforms us in the [...]

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Week eleven summary

This last week’s tumblog has been focused on reviewing the various articles on Posthumanism to help shape my final assignment. I used the discussion questions to guide my reading and was only able to begin to consider question 4 in the list: What other connections might there be between cyborg theory and the pragmatics of [...]

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Taking apart, scattering, putting back together

Reflecting on this course’s tumblog experience, I can see this process working out well.  In this last block of studies, I am effectively taking apart Haraway, Hayle, Edwards, Penderson, Angus and Gough and then writing reflections on these (scattering) and publishing them on the tumblog.  In time I will be putting this back together again [...]

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Collection of links on cyborg pedagogy

Computer and writing:  The Cyborg Era Challenges of Cyborg Pedagogy A manifesto for cyborg pedagogy? Angus et al Klich, Rosemary, The `unfinished’ subject: Pedagogy and performance in the company of copies, robots, mutants and cyborgs International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media, Volume 8, Number 2, 18 September 2012 , pp. 155-170(16) Decoding Digital Pedagogy, [...]

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Is connectivism a cyborg pedagogy?

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