Banksy’s art attack

What happens if this was an online mural? This raises the question of ownership and authorship in a public space.

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Flight Paths

Flight Paths as mentioned in Thomas et al (2007), Transliteracy : Crossing Divides. This concept of a network work of fiction, a transliterate production, is truly inspiring. I am inclined to try to create one if it is not too large an undertaking. I love the simplicity, the subtle use of different modalities and dynamic [...]

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The evolution of communication

This is a great visual from an article written on the Neuroanthropology site entitled the Fear of Twitter. This is my response to Amy Woodgate’s post who happened to have this image on her site on 10th February 2013 Hi Amy, I have this image up on my blog too but I did not comment [...]

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Ethics in the virtual domains

Mark Poster (2006:141) posits the question if standards used in f2f  each day has limited application in the information age.  Examples provided points to the fact that different rules seem to apply for the virtual world. He highlights the fact that computer-mediated communication removes all traces of the embodied person, his or her voice, appearance, [...]

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Fashion Digital Studio

I was at my trusted hairstylist last Saturday and it seems remarkable that his hair saloon does not have a website.  In Mark’s own words, “You are my advertisement. It is all through word of mouth.”  Has this local industry escaped the hype about having a spot in the cyber space? I was curious how [...]

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Digital Dystopia

Jacqueline Olds associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School reviews  ALONE TOGETHER: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle Read her review on Watch Sherry Turkle on TedxUIUC What do you think of the “Reclaiming Conversations” idea at the end of Turkle’s talk?

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