Final summary

The tumblog experiment in this course essentially demonstrates how students experience  “disaggregation and reaggregation – taking things apart, scattering them across the network, and then having them put back together by the machine.” To me the tumblog experience was also about the creation of an online blogging identity through the weeks, and understanding the digital [...]

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Week twelve summary

This week has been devoted to researching articles and ideas for my final assignment. I started by googling for issues of posthuman identity and found the portrait of a posthuman by a visual artist.  The description of her work is useful as a starting point for reference to identity, where the human is seeking a [...]

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Week eleven summary

This last week’s tumblog has been focused on reviewing the various articles on Posthumanism to help shape my final assignment. I used the discussion questions to guide my reading and was only able to begin to consider question 4 in the list: What other connections might there be between cyborg theory and the pragmatics of [...]

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Week ten summary

Week ten started with a skype session which helped to make some sense of the concepts of cyborgs and posthuman to a certain extent. Haraway’s writing was a struggle, and I decided to set it aside and try to look at any descriptions or visuals to help unravel the posthuman concept and I found “A [...]

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Week nine summary

This last week, I was responding to the ethnographies of the group, and those from the group. I have screen captured the responses as below:           The varied routes and presentation of the ethnography show how this course has allowed the freedom to explore one single topic.  The study of the [...]

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Week eight summary

My focus this week was to construct my ethnography. Little did I know that I would be writing up something completely different from Street Arts! It has been a steep learning curve, but I have learnt much from the reading, researching online ethnography and Street Arts, and finally the process of writing up an ethnography, [...]

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Week seven summary

The posts this last week  reflect my search on the street art community: to understand what street art is about, its culture, identify the players and actors, how public space is translated into digital spaces, and if the internet helped bring street artists together.  And if it does, what they actually do. I have finally [...]

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Week six summary

My first post was on potentially interesting online communities. Soon, it became clear that those which permissions have to be sought will not fall into the time frame of this piece of work. I found the article on the Lemmings vs Kant which had a critique on Facebook Graph Search.  It explained the issues surrounding [...]

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Week five summary

After an intense week of creation of the edcMooc response, followed by close monitoring of Twitter post, it was time to take stock of the course so far. I wanted to get to grips with Rose’s article on Researching visual materials and  other reading materials, so I could have a framework for critique of the [...]

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Week four summary

This week’s posts have been in preparation for the response for the edcMooc. Julier highlights the distinction of Visual Culture and Design Culture. It was interesting to read how the visual culture has developed and changed over time, and what it means to interpret an image. I found the following interesting: “Culture is no longer [...]

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Week three summary

My first post was a commentary on Tears in the Rain. It raised questions about being human and the parallel one can draw from fiction to reality.  My second post was a visual on the evolution of communication. This cartoon illustration brings out the issue of superiority of text, and neglects the creativity and ingenuity [...]

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Week two summary

This week has been interesting for me personally as I was crossing physical boundaries of the UK and the States, and yet able to remain connected to the EDEC course.  There is a heavy reliant on text based post as a result of being in transition between the continents. My first post reflects the core [...]

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Week one summary

It was a week of experimenting with publishing a selection of things related to the topic of digital cultures, and re-acquainting myself with twittering. I am finding interesting digital artifacts and content to surface on my tumblog as a way to orientate myself to the topic. Hence you can see words like dystopia and  utopia [...]

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Orientation week

It is hard to get going again after such a fabulous Christmas and New Year break.  With the arrival of Sian’s email , welcoming us and outlining some of the requirements for the orientation week, a wave of excitement, nervousness and panic set in! However, Hand (2008) Hardware to everywhere: narratives of promise and threat, and Bell [...]

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