My ethnography progress so far

The plan:

Search the field and connections -
street art
street art community
street artist blogs
street artist communities/forums

What is the trend?
A lot of new forums set up, sites such as stencil revolution is revived in the last six months.
Looked at interesting sites, trace to a street artist in Australia, and then find that the street artist blogs, twitters, facebooks, pinterest and uses Instagram. The most community like is actually on Instagram.

Then you have the Flickr, Pinterest and various sites attempting to showcase street art from around the globe. This is an exmaple:

And finally some communities such as 12ozprophets which although boasts of twenty over thousand members, is nothing more than a few threads which has many posts and the rest are just limited to a few.

And finally I came across the ghostbike project which to me epitomizes a community which grew because of the internet. It was the bringing together of memory, loss and the spread of the concept, resulted in many ghostbikes being installed in many different countries.

Is this a community? What binds them together? What is the role of technology in solidifying the community, and what are its other uses?

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  1. Stencil Revolution March 14, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

    Thanks for the mention! In ~6 months and SR is up to 650 members, most of which are very active.

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