Week seven summary

The posts this last week  reflect my search on the street art community: to understand what street art is about, its culture, identify the players and actors, how public space is translated into digital spaces, and if the internet helped bring street artists together.  And if it does, what they actually do.

I have finally arrived at my ethnography community. But to get there it took trawling through a lot of different sites.  One of the sites I found was those who were involved in vandalism (graffiti).  It was depressing to think about the legality of this act on the one hand and then on the other, the emerging street artists from the same community.  The other was 12ozprophets which is a legacy of the forums from the past, but has blogs by various people where it is just a place to rant or to publicize their work.  There really is no following or clear community activities which I could identify.  The closest I came to was a street artist from Australia who has used all possible venues to publish his work or gain some following for his work.

I was about to give up and just do something different when the Ghost Bike project link appear on pages 3 or 4 of the google search.  In 2003, someone stripped and painted a bicycle white to set up a memorial on the physical site for a cyclist who lost his life. It was also to raise awareness of the rights of cyclist on the roads in a world so overtaken by the automobile culture.  Since then, the ghostbikes project is installed all around the USA, and also many other countries in the world.  From the site you can see links to facebook communities of the different locations.  The one that is most active in the LA page.


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