Week eight summary

My focus this week was to construct my ethnography. Little did I know that I would be writing up something completely different from Street Arts! It has been a steep learning curve, but I have learnt much from the reading, researching online ethnography and Street Arts, and finally the process of writing up an ethnography, in a topic which is all too familiar to me.

I have divided the ethnography into three sections: the journey or getting there, being there and finally the implications for eLearning. Each of these sections required a lot of thinking, and I feel really quite pleased that I have tried to make or analyse Kosinets’ ideas on online participation.

At some stage I was beginning to feel weary about the ethnography particularly the issue of ethics on such a sensitive area. I was weighing both ethical questions and the defence that I was part of the community. I resolved this by cutting down more slides, and kept the discussion of the digital culture rather than the content.

By Sunday, I was able to start looking at the published ethnography, and tried to understand each person’s view and framework for their exploration and their chosen media for the final presentation.

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