A Manifesto for cyborg pedagogy? Angus et al

I find this really quite interesting. The Cyborg Pedagogy reflects much of what we try to do to raise awareness of our connectedness with the world but it has given a new and refreshing way to look at it. A new cultural framework so to speak. The idea of responsible experimentation is a compelling one for the type of education which centres on a particular area of concern rather than on the individual.

My only struggle at the moment is the continuum of human and non-human paradigm. I would like to read more about this to ensure I understand what the implications are for education, and also a way of life for many.


Angus, T, Cook, I, Evans, J et al (2001) A Manifesto for Cyborg Pedagogy? International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, vol 10, no 2, pp.195-201.

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