Week ten summary

Week ten started with a skype session which helped to make some sense of the concepts of cyborgs and posthuman to a certain extent.

Haraway’s writing was a struggle, and I decided to set it aside and try to look at any descriptions or visuals to help unravel the posthuman concept and I found “A Sum of Parts: Posthuman Humans“  and the Posthuman Future which demystified some of the academic articles.  This is a part of the assembling process, which takes things which are related but in a different modality to help build a picture of a topic you are studying.  The ability to branch out in the comfort of one’s home, and with the aid of google search, is something which I would define part of the enabling provided by technology.

Reading secondary articles of Edwards and Angus et al provided some practical examples of how posthuman pedagogy is applied.  The first reading of the pedagogic applications were rather unsettling particularly the placing of humans and nonhuman on the same continuum.  The language of posthumanism permeates in the literature and I am trying to find a way to conceive in my mind how it would work in an education system or curriculum.

The week ended with investigations on the premise of Haraway’s writing, which surfaced more questions about the validity of the arguments presented. I am inclined to challenge the assumptions and perhaps attempt to redefine what an alternative Cyborg or Posthuman pedagogy could look like which will eventually be part of my final assignment question.


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